Why Wax Or Oil Finish Is Used On Repairs To Restore Ercol Furniture

Why Wax Or Oil Finish Is Used On Repairs To Restore Ercol Furniture
12 Aug 2020 By Corwell

Ercol furniture is considered as the symbol of pride for most residences in the UK, and so the owners are extremely careful to send them to the professionals for repairs and restoration. Normally, the Ercol furniture restoration specialists hand-finish the furniture pieces using wax or oil blend, apart from sprayed lacquer.

Well, this particular activity has become a matter of curiosity among the people, and hence this write-up focussed on the reason behind using the wax or oil finishes on repairs to restore the Ercol furniture.
The convincing reason is that oil and wax blend finishes exert advantages over lacquer - and it is clear when both their aspects are compared.

1. Appearance and Feel

First, a solvent like the white spirit is used for dissolving the oil and wax finishes. When these finishes are applied, then the wood absorbs the oils and the surface retains a thin wax film with the solvent evaporating.
In contrast to it, lacquer finish gives a thick protective coat over the wood surface that reduces feeling and appeal. When you run your hand over the furniture, you can feel the lacquer's thick layer.

2.Long Term Durability After Repairs

Both the oil or wax and lacquer finishes last long with a crucial difference. Anytime, the restorers can easily reapply the wax or oil finish at a time. The furniture is freshened up and to cover the minor ErcolĀ furniture repairs, even if the previous finish had existed for long. In contrast, the lacquer finish cannot be applied at any time to repair them or to effectively repair them. With the lacquer finish, the practical solution is removing the finish completely and starting all over again.

3.Stopping the Wear and Tear

Lacquer's protective coat is hardwearing and ensures the furniture is well protected against the daily uses that even include heat. But, modern oil and wax combined, as well as the hard waxes are extremely durable and will make sure to tolerate the normal uses at home.

These three instances are the clear explanations highlighting the advantages of oil or wax finishes over lacquer - so the Ercol furniture professionals use the wax and oil finishes for restoration. Sometimes, lacquer finishes are used owing to their cost and practicality - lacquer finish is very fast to apply on multiple furniture pieces at the factory settings. Although hand finishing is time-consuming and highly labour-intensive when taken by contract yet nothing can ever beat the utmost perfection and beauty of oil and wax finishes which are hand finished on the furniture.

How do you think your Ercol furniture is now behaving? It is not good to leave them unchecked even if a small crack is visible or the upholstery has started wearing out or has the colour started to fade? Do not let it extend. Consult the professionals for Ercol restoration immediately to save your Ercol furniture.

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