Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration & Repairs

For many years generations have enjoyed quality made furniture which was built to last. The cost of these had quite an impact on families so generally we had furniture for many years which was and has been handed down generation to generation, The memories of these pieces can stick in our minds and become part of our own history within the family, something that we can treasure. Obviously over the years events happen and even general wear and tear can have an effect on that furniture but you don't have to give up on it. We can preserve those memories and that furniture, so that you can continue to enjoy it.

It can be re-used, restored and last for years to come. With ever increasing environmental awareness, why so much is discarded nowadays when it can be restored and last generations to come. You would be amazed at what can be done, why not give us a call at Corwell and ask us, the experts.

We can offer full restoration, or simple repairs such as regluing a loose chair, replacing broken legs, re-polishing dining tables, repairs to chests of drawers, re-veneering, the list goes on, it's fair to say that we have probably restored every different type of furniture over the 35 years we have been in the trade. Corwell's Furniture Restoration and Repair Services is extensive, varied and highly skilled.

At Corwell we can make old furniture pieces look like new bringing them back to life. The furniture restoration and repair services we provide include:

Repair: Whether you need a physical/structural repair of your furniture, a replacement part, patching, re-veneering or just regluing we can help. We do this by accessing our huge stock of material from former antiques and old timbers carefully stored over many years just waiting for the right piece. We have the skill and craftsmanship to use these materials to affect a repair that blends in with the original to restore the parts in the most sympathetic way ensuring the quality and appearance of the original piece.

While doing this job we ensure to preserve the value of the original material as much as possible and are always conscious that any restoration should be sympathetic and consistent with how it should be and should look. We always are mindful that antiques should never be over restored as each piece has a history and this should be preserved. Quite often we have clients who remember marks and blemishes in the furniture from their younger years which are extremely sentimental and make these pieces so special. So, on every single piece we work on we discuss and explain exactly what we propose to do and understand how important sentiments can be.

Conservation: We use this detail-oriented method in preserving as much of the original material and finish as possible. Our expert technicians really work hard to ensure that the furniture is restored close to its original condition.

Finish Restoration: Furniture refinishing is done to restore the original beauty of the piece. Finish restoration includes working with and on the original finish. We start the process by removing dirt & grime that has been accumulated over the years but are very conscious that this patina is very important so it is done in a very careful and understanding way to ensure it is in keeping with the period and use of the furniture.

Similarly, the colour of antiques can be very important, sun bleaching and fading can be crucial and if fully removed can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and sometimes value of the piece, so we work hard to preserve this where we can. Reviving the old finish is key and we use our own special blend of revivers before applying more French polish or wax finishes if required.

Furniture from the mid-20th century and possibly earlier would generally have modern finishes so this is a slightly different process as these types of finishes generally aren't able to be revived so a removal of the old finish is necessary. We have full modern spraying facilities and can replicate the same finish, but a more advanced and practical surface is achievable due to modern finish developments over the years.

Disaster Furniture Restoration: If your modern, antique or wooden furniture gets damaged due to disasters like floods, fires or vandalism, we can help you with our disaster furniture restoration services in Berkshire. We remove water marks and repair all damages that have been caused by fire, water, smoke or vandalism.

Our Furniture Restoration Process

  • Identifying the areas of concern
  • Discussing with the client what we can recommend
  • Explaining the process of what we will be doing and how it will look.
  • Providing an estimate or quote on the work to be done
  • Once the work is completed, we check everything and ensure that it is ready for delivery or collection

We have an excellent track record of completing all furniture restoration & repair jobs efficiently, quickly and to highest possible standards in Berkshire. So, if you really want to restore any of your valuable piece of furniture to its original glory, contact us today.