Ercol Furniture Restoration & Repairs

Restoring Ercol furniture is a specialised job. We were added to Ercol list of recommended repolishers, restorers and repairers in 1990 and remained on it until they abandoned their list and support for spare parts including webbing around 2015

Since then we have continue to provide the same excellent level of service with restoration as well as the original source of webbing which is supplied and fitted to the same standard

The repairs are carried out with the greatest of care ensuring that the quality and strength remains paramount and therefore extending the life of the furniture. 

With over 30 years of experience of furniture repair and restoration and having worked upon some extraordinary pieces of furniture we have built up a fantastic reputation of a professional and expert restoration company

Restoring Ercol furniture and Repolishing Ercol furniture is something we take pride in and the results can be amazing. Something that can look completely neglected is transformed into a wonderful piece of furniture and back to an as new' condition in most cases, obviously dependant on the original condition.

If you look at our before and after pictures you can see some of the transformations.

Please do look at our pictures below to see what we have done and how we can make your furniture look special again

What we do and how we do it

Do's & Don'ts of restoring Ercol furniture

I would never recommend that anyone performs a DIY job on their furniture, you will not achieve the same level of finish or be able to use the same products to get that quality look.

Removing the old finish and all the careful sanding and regluing of the frame is an intensive and skillful task that does take a lot of time.

The preparation is key to a good finish.

Oil finishes, varnises and french polish are not ideal as these are applied by hand and do not offer the same level of protection and even finish that a lacquer can.

Ercol never used oil, varnish or french polish !

It is obvious that a professional restoration service on your furniture is going to produce a professional finish if you use the right company

When selecting a company for your restoration, 

Always ask:

  • have they done it before
  • if they were on Ercol's list of restorers
  • to see examples
  • what processes they use
  • what product they use 
  • how long have they been doing it

If you are still totally confident then you should be fine.

The process of restoring and refinishing your Ercol furniture is quite a time consuming process and therefore isn't a cheap option but it will refresh your furniture and make it good for years to come. It is certainly cheaper than replacing it for new Ercol furniture in a like for like comparison.

Here at Corwell we have completed the restoration of hundreds of tables and chairs over the years and are now able to quote very quickly with our own menu pricing on the usual 'standard jobs' which tend to be within the Windsor range. Please do get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss the options 

Please do look at our Facebook page HERE where you can see dozens of images of pieces of Ercol furniture that we have restored as well as videos of the process