How long have you been making furniture

Corwell have been in business since 1987, since then we have been making bespoke furniture that ranges from small individual pieces to complete numerous items forming complete room settings for private customers

Do Corwell have much experience in restoring Antique furniture

Corwell have been established since 1987, but our experience extends beyond then. We have over 30 years of experience restoring antiques for many clients including one of the largest Antique Dealers in the South of England, numerous other dealers, restorers and businesses as well as hundreds of private customers. We have probably restored over 1000 pieces of furniture to date

What timbers do you work in?

We use all kinds of timber ranging from native home grown hardwoods such as English Oak, Cherry, Ash, Chestnut and Sycamore stretching out to European Oak, Beech. Then further afield into the Americas with American black walnut, Maple, Cherry, American white Oak, Tulip wood and over to Africa and Asia for Sapele, Utile, Iroko, and Wenge. All the different species have their own unique qualities that bring different colours, textures, grain pattern, feel as well as constructional properties

Is it expensive to have furniture made?

It is all relative, mass produced furniture is cheap because it is mass produced. Having furniture made for you is generally more expensive than buying off the shelf.

How do you compare to what you can buy in the big furniture shops?

There are a few distinctive differences to our furniture each piece designed specifically for you, no two pieces are the same. They are all hand made by skilled craftsmen, with each piece of timber specifically selected for its grain appearance and suitability to each part of your furniture. It is then crafted to become a lasting piece of furniture and finished to the highest level, and then when we are satisfied with the quality we deliver to you. Your piece of furniture is loved from the very first cut plank to the final coat of finish and the delivery into its pride of place in your home.

Do you get that from factory mass produced furniture? Not a chance !

Do you produce a range of furniture?

No, everything we make is specifically make to order, each piece is built to you exact requirements and specification. If you want a particular theme or style within your room or house, then of course we will design it with that in mind

Would you make just a small thing or are you only interested in big projects?

Of course we can make small pieces and one off's, we are happy to discuss project small or large

Can you make something match with other furniture I currently have?

Yes, we often match to clients existing furniture from designs and details to colour and shade of finish.

Can you alter my existing furniture?

Yes, we can and have in many instances, examples have included extending tables by making more leaves, cutting down larger cabinets into smaller ones.

Can I buy your furniture elsewhere?

No, we don't produce furniture for any shops, we make it exclusively for you.

Do you work with interior designer or architects?

Yes, we have worked with many over the years on some big projects but also on some quite simple one-offs

Do you only work in wood ?

No, we have used many different materials on our furniture including metals, glass, fabrics, leather etc. It can be very diverse

How long does it take to make a piece of furniture?

That obviously depends upon what it is, small coffee tables can take a day some large bookcases can take a couple of weeks, it all depends upon the detail and size

If I want to commission Corwell to make me a piece of furniture where do I start?

You can either call us on 0118 9833404 or email to info@corwell.co.uk or use the enquiry forms on our website, or you're very welcome to visit us at our workshop and showroom on Amners Farm.

What is the process of commissioning a piece of furniture?

Firstly we identify what it is you are looking for, then once we have discussed the rough design, sizes and material that you want it made from we will give you an idea of the cost. Then we can then produce a scaled drawing of the proposed furniture. If you still want to proceed and place an order we normally take between 25% and 50% deposit with the order and the balance is due on completion / delivery.

Up until the point of paying a deposit there is no commitment. Even after you have paid a deposit we can alter or change the spec if we haven't begun construction.