What We Do And Why We Are The Best

We were added to Ercol list of recommended repolishers, restorers and repairers in 1990 and remained on it until they abandoned their list and support for spare parts including webbing around 2015

Since then we have continue to provide the same excellent level of service with restoration as well as the original source of webbing which is supplied and fitted to the same standard

The method of restoring and refinishing Ercol furniture is a skilled job.

Typically for chairsthe work involves the following:

  • Knock apart the loose joints including drilling out wedges that secure the legs, hoop-backs and arms.
  • Remove loose spindles, all parts are labeled for re-assembly.
  • The parts are then scraped back by hand with a cabinet scraper which removes the original finish and then sanded to a fine 180 grit finish.
    This method ensures that the wood (primarily Beech and Elm) stays clean and natural looking.
  • Generally all the marks, scratches and dents will come out at this stage as we are effectively re-surfacing the wood.
  • The component parts are then sealed in with the first coat of sealer after the joints have been masked up.
  • The chair is then re-glued, with new wedges cut and fitted to the leg, arm and hoop joints into the seat.
  • The chair is clamped and strapped until the glue is set.
  • The wedges are then trimmed and cleaned off, now the chair is ready for its second sealer coat, then it is spray finished with two top coats of a satin pre-catalyzed lacquer.

The restored chair will then look completely refreshed and practically new looking depending obviously on how severe the damage or wear was

Ercol labels- we do try to remove and keep the original labels for you but very often they are extremely stubborn and will not be salvageable so if you are particularly concerned about keeping them then we can work around them leaving them in place but this is more time consuming and likely to cost a little more, please do let us know before we begin work on your furniture. Having said that the Ercol furniture designs are unmistakable and it would not deflect their value in my mind if they are missing.

For dining tablesthe process is very similar, for example: Ercol drop-leaf dining tables are completely refinished and the process involves removing the top, separating the leaves, sanding the top surface, edge moulding and underside, sanding the legs and frame, once the surface is clean and smooth, we apply two sealer coats and two top coats of a PU satin lacquer (harder wearing than the original Ercol finish), The leaves are then re-fitted and top screwed on to the frame and the table is good to go.

Note: A few things to bear in mind when refinishing the light coloured or blond Ercol furniture. As with all tables and chairs that are old they tend to be in service or used over many years. As such the legs, backs of chairs and table tops will get knocked and as such the old finish may get chipped or worn off exposing the timber beneath, when the timber is exposed it can absorb dirt, grease and moisture which can stain the timber deeper than just the surface. When refinishing we effectively re-surface the timber by sanding it back but in some cases faint marks may still be visible

For all furniture of a darker shade we do stain and colour match throughout the finishing process
This whole process will bring your much loved furniture back to its former glory and for around half the cost of replacing it with new.