Georgian Mahogany bureau - Before

Georgian Mahogany bureau - Before

This Bureau was saved from being lost forever. The restoration needed to this bureau was extensive. As you can see many parts have been lost, destroyed or just simply fallen off, as well as some poor examples of repairwork!

The two missing drawers were destroyed on a bonfire by the original owner after mouse droppings were found in them - quite excessive as it was completely unnecesary. They could of been thoroughly cleaned and dissinfected and would of been fine.

Needless to say this project was a challenge, finding replacement timbers for the drawers was a task but fortunately we had a previous antique chest of drawers that was 'broken up for parts' and the two drawer fronts were a perfect timber match for the bureau, other parts of the same 'breaker' were used to replace the bracket feet and mouldings. After a complete strip and repolish, fitting of quality antique reproduction handles and a good wax finish the transformation in the next image is complete 

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