4 Major Ercol Furniture Maintenance Tips

4 Major Ercol Furniture Maintenance Tips
09 Dec 2020 By Corwell

Ercol furniture adds an extra layer of elegance to the room. However, due to lack of maintenance regular wear and tear, scratches, dust, dirt, stains & dents damage the furniture badly. To restore back its originality, frequent cleaning and expert maintenance are necessary.

Here we will give you 4 basic Ercol furniture maintenance tips.

1. Repair the scratches:

Over time, regular wear and tear, dent & scratches damage the Ercol furniture badly. To restore back the original beauty of the furniture, it should call the experts for professional Ercol furniture repairs in the UK. Experts use the right tools and techniques to repair major and minor scratches, cracks and dents easily. They add a brand new look to your Ercol furniture. Reputable furniture repairing companies always assure guaranteed and trusted restoration services with complete satisfaction. You can get the perfect product.

2. Clean the Ercol furniture frequently:

Due to lack of maintenance, dust, dirt, pollen & other particles are absorbed into the Ercol furniture surface. To remove dust, experts suggest cleaning the Ercol furniture very frequently. You can consider dusting for cleaning the furniture. This is a very simple process. You can choose a soft and dry piece of cloth for this purpose. A dry cloth is perfect for removing surface dust and loose dirt from the Ercol furniture. All you need to do is clean the furniture at least twice a week. Frequent cleaning can keep the furniture dust free.

3. Polishing and waxing

Polishing and waxing both are effective ways to give a new look to your Ercol furniture. Over time, design, patterns and colour tone of Ercol furniture is damaged due to regular wear and tear. Polishing is one of the best furniture varnishing processes that adds a new finish. Polishing & waxing both are highly recommended by the experts. Waxing is a very simple process. Experts use advanced wood wax or oil to add a new finish to your furniture. Polishing and waxing are essential to restore back the original beauty of the furniture.

4. Remove tough stains

Many Ercol furniture is fitted with upholstery foams and fabrics. It's natural to see your furniture covered by stains and spills like tea, coffee, alcohol & pet's urine. To take out stains and spills, you should consider steam washing. This is an eco-friendly cleaning process recommended by the experts. It helps to remove tough stains and unwanted spills.

Experts always suggest regular dusting for cleaning Ercol furniture. It keeps dust away from the furniture and also keeps it organised.

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