Which Factors Influence The Ercol Furniture Repairs?

Which Factors Influence The Ercol Furniture Repairs?
24 Jan 2023 By Corwell

Furniture is subject to typical wear and tear. You can eventually require furniture restoration to fix or restore your Ercol furniture and make it like new. Refinishing is best left to the pros, especially when working with Ercol furniture.
However, you should be aware that there isn't a one-size-fits-all charge for Ercol furniture repairs. In actuality, a reputable restoration business will base its pricing on a few significant factors:


The first step is to analyse the damage to the Ercol furniture and determine what repairs are required. The cost of the refinishing process increases with the number of repairs the furniture piece need.


A large piece of Ercol furniture will cost more than a smaller one since it requires more materials and labour.


The price of your refinishing project might be significantly affected by the finish you choose. Expect to pay extra if you want to completely change the appearance as opposed to just giving it a makeover.


The cost of Ercol furniture increases with age. This is because to maintain the piece's integrity, the company performing the repairs must use additional caution when handling the wood and hardware.

When Do Ercol Furniture Repairs Need to Be Done?

Due to dangers to the furniture's overall integrity, several pieces of Ercol furniture need a few repairs. The table's leg frames, for instance, could have deteriorated or chipped. Or the chair may have cracks in the joints that affect its stability. Craftsmen will identify the original type of wood in these situations. Then they would apply the coating and replace a few of the components. To assure flawless outcomes, they would also look for dents, chips, and cracks. There should be a few alterations or replacements made to Ercol furniture. After all, the original components of antiques are frequently what makes them valuable. If there are too many alterations, the object resembles a completely new piece of furniture.

What Takes Place While Repairs?

Ercol furniture repairs are time-consuming and careful. To maintain smoothness and consistency, repeating actions are frequently needed. Additionally, a thorough evaluation should be done right away. Skilled craftsmen spend their time selecting the coating to be used and the type of wood to be utilised in the furniture's construction. Additionally, it guarantees continuity and "minimum alterations" to the surface of the furniture. In some circumstances, furniture stripping should be used first to remove the original finish (stripping off the paint or coating). The outcome would be more even in this manner. Additionally, there are instances where customers decide on a different coating to give the furniture a more modern or alluring appearance.

Depending on the type, size, and value of the furniture, different costs apply overall. The choice of the process could also affect how long it takes to refinish furniture. Depending on the project or the client's requirements, the entire job could potentially be completed on-site or in the workshop. The skill of the business handling the furniture repairs affects the cost of furniture refinishing as well. In reality, the staff takes the time to fix the Ercol furniture because they value the beauty of handcrafted, vintage furniture.

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