How To Clean Your Custom Made Furniture At Home

How To Clean Your Custom Made Furniture At Home
11 Oct 2019 By Corwell
A beautiful furniture is an asset of your home and if it is custom made then it's value will be more than a ready made one. However, to keep its beauty and value, regular maintenance is very necessary. There are three basic and simple ways to clean your custom furniture. Here we will discuss them in brief.

1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the simplest ways to clean the dust and impurities from your furniture. You can use domestic vacuum cleaner for the cleaning purpose. Vacuuming helps to remove all the dust, dirt mite, tiny particles and clean the surface and cushions properly. After vacuuming, clean the surface with the small piece of cloth. In UK, you can easily find different types of vacuum cleaners at your nearest store. 

2. Clean with water-vinegar mixture

Preparation: In this method, you have to make mixture of water and vinegar. At first, take a bowl with 1 tbsp of water and then add 3 tbsp of vinegar with it. Now, mix it properly and then apply the solution on the wooden surface. According to the repairing expert, you have to apply the solution by spraying process. So, you should take a spray bottle. After that, rub the area by using  a soft rug or a piece of cloth properly. Don't apply too much solution on the surface. After that, you need to rub the surface by using the wet rug. Rubbing should be neatly. Rubbing helps to eliminate all kinds of water marks. 
Removing the moisture: Once you have rubbed the surface, you need to eliminate all the excess moisture from it because moisture is harmful for your furniture. So, you should buff the moisture with a dry cloth properly. 

3. Clean the surface with vinegar

Preparing the solution:Last but not least, you can clean your custom made furnitureby diluting olive oil and white vinegar. The process is simple. At first, mix certain amount of vinegar with olive oil. Then add little amount of lemon juice or lemon oil with the solution and shake the mixture properly.
Applying the solution:After preparing the solution, apply on the surface by using a soft rug as similar to the previous method. Then you have to rub it properly. Don't apply excess solution.
Buffing: Once you have done the rubbing process, the excess moisture must be buffed out. Otherwise, this moisture can damage your furniture in future. So, this step is very essential. In this step, you have to take a clean and dry cloth and then buff the entire furniture very smoothly.
These ways are highly effective and simple also. However every step of each method should be done properly and care. Excess amount of solution and hard rubbing are not necessary to clean them. Otherwise, you will not get the proper result.

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