4 Tips For Taking Care Of The Bespoke Furniture

4 Tips For Taking Care Of The Bespoke Furniture
08 Apr 2019 By Corwell
For maintaining the functionality and appearance of the bespoke furniture and you must take care of it. The below-mentioned tips relate to bespoke furniture that is basically made from wood. Like natural timber, hardwood, soft Wood are the natural material and the colours can be numerous, which are increased by variations in a theme of home and the climatic conditions in your home, such as humidity and temperature. 
Following these simple yet effective tips will definitely help you to minimize the negative effects of such variations.

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

Extended exposure to direct sunlight will provide a negative effect in several ways: 
The heating factor can lead to being the cause of cracking. The dried out wood from sun heat can cause shrinkage, and strong sunlight causes a bleaching effect on the wood itself. The heat breaks down the finished look of furniture. The best way is keeping the wooden furniture away from direct sunlight. Your furniture is just beside your window then control the sunlight with shades, shutters or blinds.

Maintain Humidity

Furniture is just like humans. A large part of a healthy wood is water, so for keeping that wood in good condition, it is crucial not to let it dry out. You can keep a plant or more than one plant in the same room, or flower vases, or even a small bowl of water in a hidden place, will all help to maintain sufficient humidity but if you are facing a dry climate, a humidifier is needed.

Avoid placing near a heat source

If possible, avoid placing your bespoke furniture near any heat source. Not only the heat damages your furniture but also dries out the furniture, it also changes in temperature from when the heat is on or off. This will be disorderly to the dimensional stability of the bespoke furniture.

Always use mats

Whether the drink is cold or hot, any sort of plates should always be placed on mats or coasters. Do not place these stuff directly on the wooden furniture. Even a normal, cool glass of water has the capability to damage the furniture. It happens due to moisture while condensing from the surrounding air and underneath the glass penetrating the surface and this will cause discolouration.
Whether it is bespoke furniture or any other type of furniture, all will need your care and maintenance. Follow the above-mentioned guidance carefully and keep pampering your bespoke furniture. For knowing more about furniture maintenance contact with Corwell Furniture Makers And Restorers. 
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