How Are the Ercol Furniture Preserved and Restored?

How Are the Ercol Furniture Preserved and Restored?
16 Aug 2022 By Corwell

Preserving and restoring Ercol furniture means saving an accessory from being passed on to the landfill while enhancing its service life. In fact, after coming home, from a long day of work, then you tend to derive a lot of pleasure when you can get to relax sitting on your precious Ercol chairs. Even you could have memories attached to the Ercol furniture when they have served you as seats for writing your first book. But, after continuous usage, it is normal, they will need attention in the form of restoration. At that time, you need to call up the professionals for Ercol restorations to restore them to their service life by applying the needed techniques.

In fact, the professionals take the same preparation for the Ercol furniture that they normally take up for every other furniture piece. First, they clean the furniture thoroughly before they remove the old wax and lacquer. They remove it by hand sanding and generally avoid using the chemical strippers or harmful chemicals for the sake of the environment and users.

At the time of removing the old lacquer, they are careful not to sand through to the bare wood, as it could take out the history. All that they do is, provide a receptive surface for adding a new lacquer. The used finish will be different based on the Ercol furniture's final usage.

Similar to the original Ercol process, they apply the finish in several coats and hand-sand between each coat. Once the finish has been suitably cured, then they wax and polish the furniture. With the Ercol furniture reviving its original beauty, it will be ready to be shipped to the owners, where they will continue with their servitude for many more years.

Each furniture piece demands a different level of attention. The professionals are indeed artfully ardent at restoring Ercol furniture, by understanding the exact treatment they need, so the family need not let it go. The highly recommended professional advice is to avoid prolonged exposure to heat and direct sunlight. In case, there are spills, then they must be removed at the earliest. You might wipe your Ercol furniture occasionally using a damp cloth and mild detergent, but be careful to immediately dry it. Hire the experts for applying good quality beeswax, not more than twice a year, so the Ercol furniture piece is amply protected. Normal household finishes are strictly prohibited as it is sure to cause damage to the surface.

Before the fading deepens, removing the natural shine, make sure to contact the professional Ercol restoration experts soon. Trust them in their skills and expertise since they can bring it back to life. At the same time, they will offer you fruitful advice so you can ensure better preservation of your Ercol furniture.

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