The Processes Involved In Ercol Furniture Repairs

The Processes Involved In Ercol Furniture Repairs
10 Apr 2020 By Corwell
Owning the Ercol furniture is a matter of honor and every possessor of the accessories in the United Kingdom dote on their possessions. But the saddest part is that some Ercol furniture like Ercol dining tables and chairs and sideboards show signs of creaks and demand immediate repair. But with the existence of the professional repairers, there is nothing to worry about.

The professional Ercol furniture repairing specialists follow the practicing reparation option that makes the furniture long-lasting. For this, purpose, they follow a series of processes.

We are to look into those processes henceforth - 

1.First, they dismantle the furniture at their specialists' workshop and label each section to join them exactly as they were.
2.Cleaning the old glue that stuck individual joints for a long time before the sections become dry fitted, the professionals use the high-quality PVA glue. This glue facilitates with greater strength to the joints and even allow slight movement and flexibility.
3.The furniture whether table or chair are clamped together by forcing out the extra glue from the joints and then removing those.
4.Some Ercol chairs could contain broken parts like broken spindles, legs or arms. The specialists replace the individual broken parts by replacing them with the original Ercol parts. Before finishing, the bruises and scuffs are all steamed off and the marks showing at feet are removed.
5.For the furniture to attain its original look, the experts dealing with Ercol furniture repairs, strip off the original polish by using the chemical strippers. They carry out the task within the controlled environment so they could ensure the right air circulation.
6.Rubbing down is the following process. Here, the repairers abide by neutralizing the involved chemical processes to dissolve and remove the original finish. The repolishing is done using a clear spray lacquer which produces a durable and hard finish that ensures a beautiful finish. A simple wiping clean maintain the finish.
7.But the treatment is different when the Ercol sideboards, dining tables are heat marked, watermarked or have been scratched over after continuous usage. First, the original polish is removed till the bare wood appears. Then the surface stains and scratches are removed. At appropriate places, they start to stain.
8.Next, they neutralize the chemical process that is preceded by sanding.
9.As much as possible, they polish in such a way that matches the original stain. But if the original finish is not available, then they settle with the customers on a near polish. For instance, the tinted finish is transformed to a natural finish.Finally, the items are ready to be sent to the customers after making it completely dries up after one or two days.

The furniture could develop cracks despite it being an expensive one. But worrying does not solve it all. Once you notice the breaks, prevent them from extending. Consult the Ercol furniture repairers on time and save your beloved accessories. They can even provide you information on taking care of them after you receive the furniture post repairs.

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