What Are The Different Shapes And Styles Of Dining Tables

What Are The Different Shapes And Styles Of Dining Tables
28 Oct 2019 By Corwell
Wooden dining tables come in a variety of shapes and styles. So, it is quite confusing to choose the best and perfect dining table for your room. In this article, we have classified the wooden dining tables based on the shapes and styles. In UK, you will find both ready made or custom furniture at a low cost. So, go through the article entirely and choose the perfect one for your home.


1. Rectangular shape: This is the most popular shape of wooden dining table. The rectangular tables are very popular because of their versatility and functionality. These tables are suitable for 6 to 12 people. In UK most of homeowners use these tables.
2. Square shape: After rectangular shape, square dining table is also very common. They are mostly perfect for small dining rooms. Square dining tables are simple and compact in size. They are widely used in modern houses. These tables are perfect for 2 to 4 people only.
3. Round shape: Round dining tables are unique and also ideal for small dining rooms. They always offer an elegant look. They have a casual feeling in comparison to rectangular tables. These tables are ideal for 4 to 6 people and generally fitted with the pedestal bases. However, large round tables are not ideal for the small areas. They occupy lots of spaces.
4. Oval shape: Oval shaped dining tables give a luxurious look to your dining rooms. These tables generally mix the flexibility and intimacy of the round tables with linear layout of the rectangular tables. Oval tables are very ideal for the narrow dining areas. Oval dining tables can not occupy the more spaces in comparison to the round tables.
5. Freeform shape: Freeform shaped dining table comes under custom made furniture. This type of dining table can be formed in different shapes and designs. According to the size of your dining room, you have to make this table. This table is extremely beautiful and always gives an extraordinary look to your dining room.


1. Traditional style: Traditional wooden dining tables can be found in most of the houses and restaurants. They are elegant and beautiful.
2. Modern style: Modern styles generally utilize the sharp angles and clean lines. Round dining tables are generally designed with these styles.
3. Rustic style: Rustic style dining tables have a simple and natural feel. These styles can be generally found in unpainted wooden tables. Rustic wooden tables are ideal for cottages, cabins and restaurants.
4. Contemporary style: Contemporary wooden dining tables come in various designs, looks and shapes. They have a simple and classy look as compared to other dining tables.
Now, what are you looking for? All shapes are extremely beautiful. These dining tables enhance the beauty of your room. The sleek and classy design of these tables make the dinning room more elegant.

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