Phases of Restoring Ercol Furniture

Phases of Restoring Ercol Furniture
17 May 2022 By Corwell

The timeless ercol furniture designed by the famous Lucian Ercol has never lost its charm ever since it hit the market in 1920. The desirability of original ercol furniture has only increased with time. But the task to find a good ercol furniture that is in good shape is not an easy task. Ercol furniture for resell has to go through some amount Ercol restoration procedures to be functional a century later. But due the restoration work must be done in phases to restore it to health.

1. Strip the outer cover of the wooden furniture:

The first step of restoring the furniture is to strip the outer layering of the furniture for smooth application of the coat in the later stage. Sandpaper that is 120 – 150 grit is ideal for stripping purposes. The sandpaper removes dirt, grime, varnish and paints from the ercol furniture. This process will help to make the cracks and dents in the furniture more visible.

2. Wood filler to fill the cracks:

A piece of wood furniture is more likely to crack or warp under extreme weather changes. To fix the crack in wood furniture, the crack is filled with wood filler. Upon drying the excess wood filler is removed using sandpaper to sand it. The surface then becomes smooth for easy application.

3. The protecting stage:

When the furniture is at this stage depending upon the usage and the age of the furniture it is treated. The furniture kept outside is coated with varnish or oil. Whereas, antique ercol furniture is polished with wood polish and sealant. This functions as a protective barrier and fills the gaps, creating a long-lasting touch that will not degrade or wear out.

4. Replace certain parts:

While performing restoration, many times the craftsman comes across pieces that can’t be restored in shape without replacing some parts of the furniture. The craftsperson alters some joining parts and feet covering to promote more structural integrity.

With these steps followed by a craftsman to restore life into an old ercol furniture. Making your furniture more sturdy and attractive from its dilapidated condition. As a result, even if you want to resell your furniture, you will obtain a decent price.

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