How The Experts Restore An Old Wooden Davenport

How The Experts Restore An Old Wooden Davenport
07 Dec 2019 By Corwell
A wooden davenport is a small and compact writing desk. It has several shelves. Restoring an old and antique davenport is one of the major ways to bring back its life. The furniture restoring experts or furniture makers in Berkshire mostly follow some simple steps to restore back the life of old davenport.

Cleans the oil and grim first:

Furniture repairing experts firstly clean the dust, dirt, oil from the old wooden davenport. If the furniture is quite grimy, they clean it by using the mineral spirits. Experts usually prefer the well-ventilated area for cleaning. 

Scrapes off the old finishes:

 After the cleaning process, furniture specialists start scraping off the old and existing finishes for evaluating the quality of the davenport. Experts mostly use a putting knife for scraping. 

Applies a paint remover or stripper:

Paint removing or stripping is one of the most important processes. In this step, the furniture restoring experts properly apply a thick coat of high-quality stripper or paint remover on the furniture surface by using a paintbrush. For this process, they always wear rubber gloves. Strippers are available in liquids, gels, pastes or semi-pastes. Liquid strippers are ideal for horizontal surfaces whereas thicker strippers are mostly used in vertical surfaces.

Scrubs away the old finish:

Once the stripping process is done, the experts use the scraping tools for removing the old finish and paint from the davenport. Many experts also use the putty knife to remove the finish. If the davenport has many coats, the experts may repeat the stripping process.

Strips the old finish:

When the paint is completely removed, the experts eliminate the finish underneath properly. For that, they apply finish-stripping solution by using another paintbrush. After that, they sand the surface with the help of steel wool. Then the specialists rinse the davenport with the mineral spirits or denatured alcohol for drying.

Sands the surface:

In this step, the experts generally sands the surface with the help of finishing sandpaper (100 grit) or a sanding machine. The finishing sandpaper always helps to make the surface smoother. After sanding, they clean the sand dust by using a cloth.
Applies the stain: In this step, the experts apply the first coat of stain on the surface by using a brush. Once you have applied the first coat they can apply another coat on it. The coat gives a very shiny and glossy finish. 


In this way, furniture manufacturers or repairers bring back the original look of an antique wooden davenport. However, for an extra smooth finish, they can sand the surface with the help of fine sandpaper after applying the final coat.

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