What Solutions Do Furniture Restoration Professionals Have For Peeling Painted Furniture

What Solutions Do Furniture Restoration Professionals Have For Peeling Painted Furniture
04 May 2021 By Corwell

In furniture making and finishing, painting is the most flexible way for transforming the look and feel of the furniture. Paints help in hiding flaws while allowing you to express the style and personality you appreciate in creative ways. But the only drawback is that the painted furniture begins to peel after undergoing significant wear and tear. It is indeed normal, but it causes heartbreak to the owners.

The furniture restoration professionals understand the reason behind peeling paint on furniture, and they have the right solution to solve the matter. We shall look into the problems, the furniture restoration experts deal with at their workshops in Berkshire and how skilfully do they solve them.

1. Incorrect Prep of the Furniture

Several painted furniture will eventually start flaking, cracking, and peeling. Still, when this happens much quicker, then in all probability the improperly and incorrectly prepared surface is the reason. If the surface has not been prepped for painting, then the paint will not properly stick.

The Professional Solution  Although the exact process varies based on the wood type, finish, and paint used yet the professional furniture restoration experts apply the following steps

  • Washing the furniture with water and mild soap for removing the caked dirt and dust.

  • The furniture is let to dry thoroughly.

  • Once it has dried, then they sand the piece on the areas where the paint will be applied using mediumgrit paper.

  • They clean off the produced sanding and the dust.

  • In case, any cracks or dents are present, then they use the filler product for producing an even surface and sand it again using fine-grit paper.

  • Again, they clean the dust off as produced by sanding.

2. Interference of the Topcoat or Finish with the Paint Sticking

Paint will not stick for the furniture having glossy, shiny topcoats or finishes, a polyurethane finish, a waxy finish, or a laminate. If these topcoats or finishes are the cause of furniture peeling, then the professionals bring up three solutions.

The Professional Solution

  • The easiest is when they look for the paints designed for sticking to the surface, like Velvet Finishes.

  • The second way out is when they apply a primer when the solution is feasible for the furniture.

  • The hardest way, but the most effective and long-lasting way out is removing the topcoats or finishes. They remove them and even sand the furniture surface for roughening it a little and then apply the paint so they can stick.

3. The Used Paint is the Wrong One

The right materials are the source of quality results derived from a particular job. For furniture, paint is the most vital medium. Often the preferred colors, and sometimes standard latex house paints which are fit for wall painting are chosen to paint the furniture peeling will then be a guaranteed outcome.

The Professional Solution  The professionals use the exact paint purposefully designed for the exact furniture surface, which is bound to result in the longest coating life.

4. Heavy or Thick Paint Was Applied

Thicker paint means peeling will be due to its weight. Getting the job done as quickly as possible is indeed much tempting. But the professionals are safe from this pressure.

The Professional Solution  The experts apply thin and multiple layers to the furniture and allow them to thoroughly dry between the applications. If they have to, then they use a sprayer for applying the paints, other than using rollers or brush.

5. The Paint Did Not Get The Needed Protection

Similar to the other finishes, seal paints help in their protection. Paint is indeed durable, still, it needs an addon, or else there will be cracks, and paints will start peeling away.

The Professional Solution  The experts apply a protective sealant to the surface of the furniture. But if the furniture is expensive, then they use the paints already having built-in topcoats.

The furniture restoration professionals are even skilled at handling different furniture and replenish them with a new life. So, the hotel owners of Berkshire rely on them whenever furniture from any of their rooms needs assistance.

So, you see that if the paint of your furniture is peeling, then the only option is to hire furniture restoration professionals to get it fixed. They have solutions for all the problems and will technically apply them for achieving better results.

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