5 Surprising Furniture Maintenance Tips To Consider

5 Surprising Furniture Maintenance Tips To Consider
02 Jun 2020 By Corwell

Wooden furniture is a long term investment. It carries great value. To keep its functionality & beauty, proper maintenance is necessary. Whether it's modern bespoke furniture or antique piece, you need to maintain it after a certain period. In this blog,

we will discuss 5 surprising tips to maintain the wooden furniture.


1. Clean it properly

To maintain the looks of wooden furniture, proper cleaning is extremely important. If you have upholstered wooden furniture, the bespoke furniture makers in Reading suggest vacuuming the furniture on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming helps to remove surface dust & tiny particles from the upholstery fabric. Otherwise, you can clean the furniture by using a duster or cleaning towel. It helps to keep the glossiness of the wooden furniture.

2. Repair & restore

Wooden furniture is a long term investment. However, it can be damaged or deteriorated due to many reasons. As the owner of furniture, if you find any damage, you need to repair or restore it professionally as early as possible. Repairing experts can easily bring the originality & functionality of your wooden furniture. In Reading, many companies offer bespoke furniture restoration & repair services. Apart from that, professional repair services are affordable. They will give the 100% guaranteed restoration solution with complete satisfaction.

3. Keep the furniture away from sunlight

Wooden furniture can easily be deteriorated or discoloured by the sunrays. It may lose its glossiness & beauty. So, to keep its originality & glossiness, you need to keep the furniture away from the sunlight. Apart from that, you can also wrap the furniture by using a furniture cover. This cover also protects it from the sunlight.

4. Take out tough stains

Whether it is modern custom made furniture or an antique one, it is natural to see your favourite furniture filled with unwanted stains like tea, coffee, urine, blood, etc. These stains can easily damage the furniture. So, to protect your wooden furniture, stains should be removed as much as possible. Furniture experts in Reading suggest removing the tough stains by using a stain cleaner.

5. Polish with wax

Last but not the least, to keep the glossiness & beauty of your furniture, polishing with wax or wood oil is extremely essential. It generally offers a shiny & glossy varnish to the wooden surface. However, you should select the wooden wax based on the type & quality of your furniture. You should also take the help from your furniture repairing experts in Reading.

So, these are the 5 amazing tips to consider. Little maintenance can keep your furniture functional. Clean your furniture always & never hesitate to repair it professionally.

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