How To Identify An Original Ercol Chair?

How To Identify An Original Ercol Chair?
06 Oct 2023 By Corwell

An Ercol label is the most evident indication that the item is authentic Ercol. Every piece of furniture has a sticker affixed to it that bears the year of manufacturing. While Ercol labels have evolved over time, you're most likely to discover either small, square blue labels with shiny paper printing or circular gold labels with a lion perched above the name. Although by no means fail-safe yet these original Ercol insignia are nonetheless a wonderful method to identify an authentic chair, despite furniture receiving Ercol restoration treatments.. While a label is an obvious sign that the furniture is Ercol, don't let anyone tell you that this improves the value because the blue labels in particular have a tendency to flake off quickly (and are difficult to replace). There isn't. A label's absence does not necessarily mean that anything is fake; it could have simply fallen off over time.

Also, descriptions that begin with "Ercol Blue Label range" or something similar are false. The blue label just lists the date of manufacture and is not distinctive to any one range. Ercol blue labels roughly span the years 1954 to 1976, whereas Ercol gold labels span the years 1977 to 1995. Modern chairs frequently include a metal Ercol marking with the logo 'Ercol' printed in lowercase attached to the base.

What Material Makes Up The Ercol Chair?

Beech and elm were the only two kinds of wood Ercol used throughout the mid-century era. Elm is used for sturdy chairs (such as rocking and dining chairs) and table tops. Except for the solid seats, the legs of sideboards, tables, and the majority of chairs are made of beechwood. Elm is a bit darker and has a lovely swirly grain pattern, whilst Beech is a light wood with a very prominent fleck in the grain. These two are the standard materials when used in Ercol restoration.

Think On How The Ercol Chair Is Styled.

The presence of the wedge joint, also known as the wedge-through-seat joint, is a characteristic element of the Ercol collection of chairs. Simply check for little circles on the base where the legs meet the seat that have a different wood grain from the rest of the seat to identify this. The furniture restorers keep this in mind while fulfilling the Ercol restoration service.


Except for some very early chairs (1953–1955) that used tension springs, almost every Ercol chair will be webbed. The term "webbing" describes the straps that form the foundation of the chair, just above the cushion. The webbing patterns have evolved numerous times throughout the years, but "Pirelli" webbing, which has a canvas interior and rubber outer, is the typical webbing that is present on many chairs.

Slender Backrests

Examining the sticks that make up the backrests of chairs is another excellent place to look. In contrast to many 'Ercol type' chairs, which have oval or squared-off sticks, Ercol chairs invariably feature round stick backrests.

Ercol Chair's Finish And Colour

Color may be very confusing. To be precise, all Ercol chairs were lacquered in clear lacquer and finished in natural "light wood" up until 1981. This era's dark, identically shaped chairs are from the Old Colonial collection.

The former colonial dark finish was changed to Traditional starting around 1982 when Golden Dawn was made available as an option. When purchasing furniture in darker colors, use caution. Golden Dawn is frequently mischaracterized as having natural "light finishes," whereas in reality, it is rather dark, though not as dark as Old Colonial/Traditional. Additionally, resist the urge to purchase an item with a dark finish in the hopes that it can be changed to a lighter one.

Since the collection is one of the most sought-after vintage collections, "Ercol-inspired" items can cost much less than genuine items. Cross-checking prices on several stores will allow you to determine the typical selling price for various items. If the price is significantly higher or lower than the price listed on Ercol's website, you should pass on the purchase. At the same time, after years of usage, refrain from keeping yourself shut if the Ercol chair needs professional restoration touches. Unless they are restored for the best, the damage might widen, leading you to replace them with brand-new ones.

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